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Elected leaders in Homer Glen, Bolingbrook, Lemont, Romeoville and Woodridge are using the government's power of eminent domain to condemn and take over American Lake Water pipeline, pump station and water tanks that transport Lake Michigan water to their communities.

How Much
Will Eminent Domain Cost?








What is this all about?

Homer Glen, Bolingbrook, Lemont, Romeoville and Woodridge formed a new government agency, the Northern Will County Water Agency. If this agency takes over American Lake Water, that agency will spend millions of dollars on:

· Bond Fees
· Consultant Fees
· Attorney Fees
· Acquistion Costs
· Office Lease and Expenses
· Employee Costs
· Trucks and Equipment

With so much cost incurred, does it make sense that a takeover will reduce YOUR cost?

Lower Rates? It doesn't add up!

Your water bill looks something like this if you receive both water and wastewater service from Illinois American Water.

typical bill details
water supply charge breakdown

This portion of the Supply Charge (22%) relates to American Lake Water's rate for ownership and operation of the pipe, pumps and tanks that deliver water to your community.

IMPORTANT: An eminent domain takeover by the water agency can only change the rate attributed to ownership and operation of the American Lake Water facilities.

Consider: How can a new government agency spend millions of dollars on consultants and lawyers and tens of millions of dollars on acquisition, establish an office, hire employees, purchase trucks and equipment and still lower the $7.85 ($1.57 per 1,000 gallons) portion of the supply charge?

Government Entities Generally Under Estimate the Cost of Eminent Domain

Large Water System  Condemnation Small Water System  Condemnation

Other governments have used eminent domain to takeover part or all of their communities' water service.

Here are some of the results.

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